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HTMLCompact is a powerful HTML compression tool created for webmasters.  Its effective compression algorithm can reduce the size of your pages by as much as 80% while keeping the appearance of the page the same. When implemented, the documents will be uncompressed in the user's browser, delivering the page exactly how it looked before compression. By using HTMLCompact, your web pages will become much smaller which results in faster load times, saving you both bandwidth and disk space.

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Key features of HTMLCompact:

  • Compatibility with All Popular Web Browsers

  • Decrease file size without compromising the look of your pages
    High Compression Ratio                                                       With its powerful compression algorithm, HTML files will be compressed by 30% under normal conditions, sometimes reaching as much as 80% compression.

  • Wizard-Like User Interface with Tabs                                       Our step-by-step "tab style" wizard allows you to easily compress your HTML pages in several minutes. Easy to setup and easy to run, and no programming knowledge needed!

  • Flexible Compression Option

  • Independent of Language

  • Alternative Decoder Option
    Decoder can either be placed into internal JavaScript file or be saved as external JavaScript file.

  • Powerful Partial Compression Capabilities
    Exclude parts of the code from being compressed as you specified.

  • User Profile
    Easily save your current set of protection options into user profile and quickly apply them later.

  • Command Line Support
    Built-in command line support that provide you with the power to control HTML Compact without the graphical user interface.

  • Private HTML Comment Tags Support
    Ability to understand a set of private HTML comment tags in original pages and follow the corresponding instructions during protection process.

  • Auto Backup
    Ability to backup the original HTML files before compression so that you can always recover them at any time later

HTMLCompact screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 2.6

  • Price: $29.95

  • Size: 0.69MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: AntsSoft

  • OS: Win95, 98, ME, NT 4.x, 2000, XP, 2003

  • Rating:





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