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WebMail Spy offers three integrated e-mail recording tools in one easy to use package. WebMail Spy includes an advanced, foolproof and secure monitoring system. All e-mail sent via OutLook, OutLook Express, Eudora, Netscape (to name a few) will be recorded. On top of that, WebMail Spy will also record all Incoming AND Outgoing e-mail (POP3/SMTP e-mail's), ALL America Online e-mail's, and ALL web based e-mail - for services such as HotMail, Yahoo!Mail, mail2web, and many more. 

With WebMail Spy's advanced e-mail recording functionality, you can rest assured that ALL e-mail sent, received, and viewed will be recorded. Aside from WebMail Spy's powerful monitoring capabilities, WebMail Spy offers an advanced security backbone that prevents users from tampering with the software. 

WebMail Spy also contains powerful reporting and e-mail filtering options - allowing you to efficiently and effectively record, review, and analyze monitored e-mail's.

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WebMail Spy Features:

  • Secure Hidden Mode - WebMail Spy runs in complete concealment. The user of the machine will NOT be able to locate or tamper with WebMail Spy while it is actively monitoring.

  • Windows NT/2000/XP Concealment - WebMail Spy now includes the powerful technology introduced by ExploreAnywhere Software to hide the application exe from the Process tab (inside the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu)

  • Task Manager Disabling - Disable the user from accessing the Windows Task Manager while WebMail Spy is recording e-mail!

  • Safe Mode Disabling - Prevent the user from entering in Safe Mode (in an attempt to bypass the WebMail Spy system) when turning on the PC.

  • Disable Startup Program Overriding - Disable the hotkey that allows users to bypass startup applications (such as WebMail Spy) when Windows boots up!

  • Automatic Windows Startup - Configure WebMail Spy to startup for a single user, or to start up as a service for all users on the system - perfect for monitoring multiple users of a PC.

  • Automatic Active Startup - Automatically begin recording e-mail as soon as your computer starts up.

  • Password Protection - WebMail Spy is password protected to prevent others from starting/stopping the e-mail recording process, as well as changing WebMail Spy configuration settings.

WebMail Spy screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 3.3

  • Price: $49.99

  • Size: 1.24MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC

  • OS: Win95, 98, ME, NT 4.x, 2000, XP

  • Rating:





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