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An advanced process and memory optimization utility. Very strong process optimization with memory optimization. System memory up to 2 times. System speed up to 150%, you can install ProcTune to enjoy an optimal system productivity and more free memory.

Having installed this system utility on a desktop computer or server, the productivity of your software will increase with many percents, avoiding extra costs for the purchase of memory, high-performance CPU and motherboard supported new memory and processor. In other words, you don't need to upgrade and don't have to spend many hundreds of  dollars to keep your software up to date in order to use the most recent versions of programs (from graphics up to databases etc.), which overload your system resources, such as memory and clock frequency.

Using only the smallest processes tunning with ProcTune, simple calculations and tests proove that as far as concerns the processor, at least 90 dollars can be saved. This amount becomes even more impressive when taking the costs of a new motherboard and memory in consideration. That's why many organizations and private persons choose ProcTune instead of investing in specific soft- and hardware upgrades.

In the kernel, ProcTune contains an unique algorithm of optimization of processes and memories which leads to amazing results. The additional options of ProcTune - such as HotHit, the control of processes' windows, the process tests, the automatic loading, the improvement of the distributed memory of processes, etc. allow the users of ProcTune to facilitate and accelerate their work. Especially when they deal with servers and complicated computer systems.

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Product Information

  • Version: 6.0

  • Price: $25.00

  • Size: 1.68 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Alex Tikhonov

  • OS: Win 2000 or above

  • Rating:





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