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AimAtFile is a fast and efficient tool to find documents by their contents. It provides content search (document search) functionality based on Microsoft Indexing Service included in Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003. AimAtFile lets search for files of many types: Microsoft Office Documents, HTML, PDF, Plain Text, etc. AimAtFile provides a document preview. It lets you see the contents of found documents without opening them in their editor programs.
The most of third party file search utilities scan all files each time you search for a file. Indexing Service scans files in the background as a low-priority process and AimAtFile requests this index to return search results instantly. Some of third party search tools use their own indexers. Windows already includes an efficient native Indexing Service so it is not necessary to install anything else.

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Key features of AimAtFile Fast File Search:

  • Fast searching. AimAtFile uses fast and powerful Microsoft Indexing Service to search for files by their content.

  • Local computer and network searching. The program can be used for local document search (desktop search) and for searching shared folders in a network.

  • Simple and intuitive user interface. The program interface is simple and clean without redundant visual elements. It requires minimum user actions to work.

  • Flexible queries. You can enter simple queries (a word or phrase), Boolean expressions or use Indexing Service query language.

  • File preview. AimAtFile lets you see the contents of found documents without opening them in their editing programs.

  • File masks. The program allows to define one or multiple masks to search files using wildcards and Boolean expressions. You also can search for all files matching your content query.

  • Specific folders searching. You can define a root folder to search. If you do not define it the program searches all scope of the specified Indexing Service catalog.

  • Specific date range searching. You can search files that were modified within a particular date range. This range can have an open boundary. So you can search for a file modified after a specified date or before a specified date.

  • Specific catalog searching. You can specify a catalog to request. Otherwise the program requests the System catalog that always exists on your computer.

  • Multiple catalog searching is allowed.

  • Saved searches. You can save search parameters in a file and open them from it.

  • Results sorting. Results can be sorted by a file name, document title, folder, Indexing Service rank, size or modification date.

  • User interface customization. The query, results and preview panels can be resized and rearranged.

  • Most recently used lists. Values entered in the query fields (Query, Files, Folder, Size and Catalog) are stored and you can reuse them.

  • Application integration interfaces. Command line parameters, custom URL protocol, COM interface.

  • Group policy settings. System administrators can centrally manage the AimAtFile setting for users and workstations in the network environment .

AimAtFile Fast File Search Screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 4.0

  • Price: $29.90

  • Size:  614 KB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: AimingTech Company

  • OS: Wind 2000/ XP/ 2003

  • Rating:





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