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Handy Backup Pro is an easy-to-use program designed for an automatic backup of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media including CD-RW devices and remote FTP servers.

iPod data Recovery is being used to recover and retrieve music, pictures, video files and folders lost due to accidental deletion, corruption, improper restoration etc.

Keriver Image is an affordable and reliable drive imaging and cloning solution to Protect Yourself from Important Data Losses.

O&O DiskImage 2 Professional Edition enables you to image and restore your entire hard disk. The sudden loss of data can be catastrophic.

Open File Backup is a utility that helps GBM capture files that are open, even if they are changing during the backup, without locking users out of the applications or forcing them to log off the network.

Paragon Drive Backup 8.51 Professional Edition is a great companion to Server Edition or Enterprise Server Edition providing you with comprehensive backup solution for your corporate server-based network and data protection on laptops.

Paragon Exact Image 7.x creates an exact hard drive backup image and protects your PC environment in the most simple and effective way, providing you with complete system and data backup.

Paragon Drive Backup 8.5 Personal Edition creates a backup image of entire hard disk, including operating system with all user preferences and settings, applications and data files.

RestoreIT is a powerful data recovery utility that automatically backs up all files on a computer.

RollBack Rx - Professional is an powerful PC system and data restore utility that enables home users and IT departments to roll-back PC's to a desired point in time.

SiteVault - Backup FTP & MySQL functions as an FTP files and MySql backup program that will allow you to browse your backups and restore them with ease.

SmartSync Pro is a universal tool to backup and synchronize your important data to the same drive, different drive, removable ZIP/JAZZ drive, network volume or even remote computer.

Software Oasis Backup Utility - Quickly and easily create scheduled or instant backups of your sensitive data.

Titan Backup is a simple and complete solution for home and small offices, designed for secure backups of your important data.

UniversalRestore for Acronis True Image 9.1 Server allows you to restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine, providing complete disaster recovery.

UniversalRestore for Acronis TrueImage Workstation allows you to restore the disk image you have created with Acronis True Image 9.1 Workstation to different hardware or to a virtual machine.

Vision Backup Pro is a robust backup and recovery tool designed to protect your “connected world”.

XMedia EMail Backup is a handy software utility designed to create backup copies of your email database.

ZipBackup for Windows is an easy, yet powerful tool for backing up your data to standard Zip files on CDs, DVDs, a hard drive, floppy disks, or over a network.

CopyToDVD is a new generation tool to backup all your music and data files. CopyToDVD contains several methods to build your CDs or DVDs.

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