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AISBackup provides a managed backup of data and the Operating System of Windows PC's and Server's to CD, DVD, Internal and External Disk drives, Networked drives, FTP Servers and all other media that looks like a disk to Windows. Back up selected files, folders, disks, or complete systems to CD, DVD, Removable drives, Network, local disks, or FTP. Disaster recovery backup and restore of Windows possible. Disc backups use an integrated or third party interface. Backup spans named multiple media when full. Optional test backup, password protection, and scheduled backups. Custom or Quick wizard-style backup job creation. AISBackup only physically backs up new and changed files since the last backup. It backs up open files and additionally opened exclusive files from local FAT drives and all local drives when running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Restore options include: Complete Windows systems, individual files and folders, right click and 'Open' from backup or 'Save as' from backup. Comprehensive restore destination and duplicate file options enable disaster recovery or cloning Windows to new drives and partitions.         AISBackup retains all backed up versions of your files so that you can revert to an old copy of a file. Files can easily be restored to a new location or opened directly from the backup using right click menu options. Files can also be restored by selecting them and then dragging and dropping directly onto Windows Explorer.

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Key features of AISBackup:

  • Easily create backup jobs to describe backups of individual files and folders or complete PC system's.

  • Familiar 'Explorer' style interface for selecting files for Backup and Restore.

  • Subsequent backup's only add files that are new or have changed, this substantially reduces the time required to backup the files.

  • The ability to limit the backup to recently created or modified files only.

  • Optionally back up and restore NTFS file and folder security settings along with Alternate Data Streams. From version 2.1 AISBackup gives you access to the individual ADS via Right Click options. For more information about ADS click here.

  • On FAT file systems AISBackup can back up Opened Exclusive files.

  • Optional password protection.
    Automatically prune the backup destination to keep the size of disk based backups down.

  • Optionally choose the number of each day's, daily, weekly, monthly and dated backups to retain. Manually prune any backup sessions from a disk based backup.

  • Each backup is Session based, this means that you can restore your PC back to a particular date.

System Requirements: 

  • Pentium P166 MMX with 64MB RAM

AISBackup Screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 2.31

  • Price: $37.50

  • Size: 2.48 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer:     Aquarius I.S. Consultancy Limited

  • OS: Win95, 98, ME, 2000, XP

  • Rating:





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