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Batch File Compiler changes your .bat files into .exe with many uses. A few uses include making your batch files tamper-proof, solves problems with some installation programs by shelling EXEs instead of BATch files, EXE encryption ensures that the source of the EXE is not readable, and there is a fast, command line compiling option. Separate licenses must be purchased for each computer you install the software on. Batch File Compiler works on Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. The product is about 1.5mb in size and will take about 5 minutes to download on a 56k modem.

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Key features of Batch File Compiler:

  • Batch file hide / show itself at runtime Run in the backround with no console window!

  • Contains powerful extended commands including math / input functions.

  • Colorful editor syntax highlighting.

  • Hides the contents of your batch file from viewing and change.

  • Very useful for installations and automation tasks.

  • Royalty Free. You can create unlimited products without the need to pay royalties.

Batch File Compiler screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 3.0

  • Price: $39.95

  • Size: 1.5 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer:      Brandon Dargo

  • OS: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

  • Rating:





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