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PhotoBlender is a very powerful and easy to use photo (.jpg, .pgn, .gif image) transparency processing software. You can blend four layers - background color, background photo, top photo, and cover color - together and change the transparency of every layer.

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Key features of PhotoBlender:

  • Open and save .jpg or .jpeg photos (images) with the transparency information

  • You can blend four layers together in one photo: the background color layer, the background photo layer, the foreground (top) photo layer, and the foreground color (cover color) layer

  • You can change the transparency of the background photo, the top photo, and the cover color

  • You can change the transparency (in a 1 - 100 scale) in three ways: one step a time by click the slider, cautiously by drag the slider, and automatically by click the start (play) button

  • You can change the three kinds of transparency all at the same time by using the auto function

  • You can change the background color or cover color to the popular color by simply click a button, or you can choose any color using the color chooser

  • You can move the top photo in the background photo in three ways: fast move by dragging the top photo, fine move (one step a time) by click the eight direction buttons, and auto move by click the start (play) button

  • You can exchange (swap) the background photo and top photo at any time by simply click a button

  • You can open a background photo or top photo or both at any time to change the background photo or top photo

  • You can reset the top photo to its original position (top-left corner) at any time

System Requirements: 

PhotoBlender screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 3.0

  • Price: $15

  • Size: 0.49 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Image Echo Software

  • OS: Win2000, XP, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Java

  • Rating:





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