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TribalWeb is software that allows you to exchange files with your friends on a private network. You create your private network by inviting your friends. No one can join your network unless invited. You can dismiss or ban your guests at any time. Your guests can't see each other on your network. 

Install TribalWeb,  select the folders you want to share and invite your friends to join your private network! Share all your files (movies, pictures, documents…) no matter how large they are. Interrupted exchanges automatically resume with no data loss. All files are exchanged at maximum speed. No one but the users of your network can see the files you share. When exchanging a file, only the sender and the receiver are aware of the exchange. All data exchanged on your network is encrypted (Blowfish encryption with a 128-bit key).

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Key features of TribalWeb:

  • exchange large files (even entire folders!) with your friends. 
  • chat with your friends. 
  • manage your user list (add, remove, ban). 
    Maximum number of simultaneous downloads: 1 unlimited 
  • benefit from the multisource downloads. 
  • limit your folder access to a specific user group. 
  • choose the level of authorization (read/write) for your shared folders. 
  • protect your shared folders with a password. 
  • receive support via email.
  • More security with the password protection,
  • More speed with the multisource download,
  • More flexibility with priority upload

TribalWeb screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 2.18

  • Price: $24.95

  • Size: 1.6 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: SHALSOFT

  • OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

  • Rating:





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