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The perfect tool for offering live help to your website visitors. With RealTimeQuery your visitors can contact you while visiting your website. The program acts as a server on your PC not depending on external servers. RealTimeQuery tracks your visitors and shows their country, IP, the webpage the visitor is seeing, the operating system, the web browser, and the webpage from where the visitor accessed your site. The program presents a world map where you can see the number of visitors from each country.

You can even view the world map in 3D. RealTimeQuery supports multiple operators, the calls can be redirected between operators. Operators can invite to others to the same chat or chat privately. The program runs on the background, accessible from the system tray, alerting with sound and a popup window when a visitor calls you. The implementation process in your website is easy, just few HTML code lines. It is possible to use several visitor interfaces on different parts of your website.

The program writes for you the HTML you need to add to your webpage. The visitor interface is small and loads quickly on your visitors' browsers. The visitor interface is based on Flash, ensuring that 98% of your visitors will not need to install any plug-in. RealTimeQuery uses different visitor interfaces. You can select the one that looks better with your website design. Each new connection opens a chat. You can handle multiple chats at the same time. Chats are integrated in the same application making them easy to handle. Also, you can organize them in cascade, tile or freely. The program includes a tab letting you switch from chat to chat. You can enable or disable the system at the click of a mouse. The program includes an integrated FTP that automatically uploads a JavaScript file to your web server changing your presence with total ease. RealTimeQuery does not have monthly fees.

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Key features of RealTimeQuery:

  • Geographical information.

  • Visitor's IP.

  • Visitor's current URL.

  • Visitor's referer information.

  • Visitor's OS / webbrowser.

  • Multiple operators.

  • Easy configuration.

  • Anti spam.

  • Auto offline on inactivity.

  • Support for dynamic IP.

  • Worldmap representation.

  • Logs.

  • Accessibility.

  • Proxy support.

  • Multiple visitor interfaces.

  • Total integration on your site.

  • Language support on visitor interfaces.

  • Integrated FTP.

  • HTML code generator.

  • Ad system.

  • Supports call redirections.

  • Supports pushpage.

  • Supports file transfers.

System Requirements:

  • 400 MHz processor.

  • 64 MB RAM or above.

  • 5MB of hard-disk space for program installation.

  • Your own website.

  • FTP access to your website contents.

  • Perl support in your web server (optional).

  • If your Internet connection uses a router, a NAT must be configured to be able to receive connections from outside your LAN.

RealTimeQuery screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 3.1

  • Price: $99.95

  • Size: 4.29MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Spanto Soft S.L.

  • OS: Windows2000, XP, Vista

  • Rating:





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