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Kba Complete is a 4 program ear-training and music theory suite: Chord ID, Pitch ID, Rhythm ID, and Spell ID.

MagicScore School 5 is specialized notation software for music aficionados, students, teachers, schools and colleges.

Copyist is the music notation tool that lets you create with ease those tricky musical examples that more expensive and complicated programs trip over their feet trying to reproduce.

I Want To Play Guitar will help you learn to play guitar in just three lessons!

The Noteable Music Flashcards - Practice music flashcards on your computer in the treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs.

Guitar Chord Buster is a guitar in a computer, enabling you to set-up and play any chord and pick sequence that may be played on a real guitar.

Melodic ID provides college and conservatory level, unlimited, graduated melodic dictation in simple and compound meters with immediate feedback and scoring.

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata for Guitar is an authentic, challenging lesson capturing a large portion of the first movement

Earbuilder by GCM Enterprises is an ear training software for students and Hobbyists on a budget.

Cyclic Independence for Drummers provides drummers from beginners to advanced with a unique, open-ended system to help improve their skills.


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