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DREAMScope GL for Windows is an interactive screensaver that generates an infinite variety of continuously evolving, multidimensional kaleidoscopes. Breathtaking color, texture, and dimension generate kaleidoscopic illusions suggesting the vast cosmic expansion of glowing phosphorescent nebulas, the blossoming explosion of impossible flowers, or even the fantastic fluid dance of digital manta rays. Short of taking a deep breath and curling up by the fire, your screen will never seem as alive as when it's running DREAMScope GL.

(User Settings: Interactive, Subconscious, Wake Up, Threads, Illusions, Velocity, Translucency, Vertigo, Wallpaper, Chakra, Sleepwalk, and Snooze Button.)
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Product Information

  • Version: 3.0

  • Price: $12.98

  • Size: 734KB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Nandeska Media, L.C.

  • OS: Win95 98 Me NT 2000

  • Rating:





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