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A font set manager tool with preview for both installed and yet to be installed fonts, full character map and multilingual name property support, helps you to activate/deactivte and preview various font types with maximum efficiency.

It handles the most popular font types used on PC today, helps you to add them to and remove from system easier. These font types include True Type font(*.ttf, *.ttc), Open Type font(*.ttf, *.ttc,*.otf),PostScript Type 1 font(*.pfm,*.pfb), and Microsoft Windows font(*.fnt, *.fon).

The Set Manager helps you mark a group of fonts to be treated as a collection set that could be activated or deactivated simultaneously. You can also select a font set for preview without activating it at all.

Character map displays all the supported characters of a font, with a magnified window appeared for any selected char. You needn't install the font to see this feature. In this way you can get a full impression of the font before actually install it into system.

Property shows name table strings for Open Type font, catagoried by locale. You can find how font typeface name presented in different locales, and many other useful information.

Font Fitting Room is Unicode based which allows you to type sample sentence simultaneously containing any different locale characters. For example, you can preview Chinese and Korean characters in the same sample string.

LCD ClearType tuning function is an add-on feature to make ClearType font smoothing more convenient.
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Key features of Font Fitting Room Deluxe:

  • Preview: You can preview the custom sample text with a font list without actually installing them.

  • You will see the installed fonts every time when application starts.

  • The application always list the font name together with its associated file(s) in the left bar, while sample text is displayed in the right pane.

  • You can play with following preview features: Sample Text, Font Size, Bold Style, Italic Style, Underline Style, Foreground Color, Background Color.

  • Character Map: You can turn on the Character Map to see the whole supported characters in the selected font.

  • You don't need to install the font in order to display its character map.

  • You can click on a character grid to see the magnified char.

  • Property: You can get more information about a font by see into its properties.

  • For True Type font, you can see multilingual strings associated with the font.

  • For FON, FNT and PostScript Type 1 font, you will see basic information of the font.

  • Install and Uninstall: You can easily installed a font from anywhere accessible to system, or uninstall a system font and put it into Recyle Bin.

  • All the font types listed above can be easily installed to system or removed to Recycle Bin.

  • ClearType Tuning: If you are using a LCD monitor, probably you need this ClearType adjusting facility.

  • You can activate this function to switch the system smoothing mode, set ClearType contrast value, or change LCD striping order setting. You would see the setting change effects immediately on the screen.

  • Unicode based.

  • Set Manager:The Set Manager helps you mark a group of fonts to be treated as a collection set that could be activated or deactivated simultaneously.

  • Drag-and-drop is supported. You can add fonts from within the program or drag font files from windows explorer and drop in the application.

  • Each font set has a "default font path", that is set to the folder of fonts which are added in when the set is empty.

  • Multi-level set structure is presented for the organization.

Font Fitting Room Deluxe screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version:

  • Price: $39.95

  • Size: 2.67MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: ApoliSoft

  • OS: Windows All

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