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RightChoiceDSS is a decision support software tool that models complex decision using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) developed at the Wharton School of Business by Thomas Saaty (Saaty, Thomas L., 1980. The Analytic Hierarchy Process). The process provides the methodology for breaking down complex decision and objectively ranking the criteria to mathematically calculate the weights and the decision results. RightChoice provides a graphical user interface for brainstorming and organizing the criteria into the hierarchy and for performing the pair-wise comparisons of the criteria to create the matrices required to calculate the weight (decomposed eigenvectors). The results are shown through a series of graphs and charts so you can clearly understand what went into the overall results including the contributions of the criteria to the results and the sensitivity of the weights. The weights can be adjusted on the graphs in real-time to see the impact of the change on other criteria and the results.
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Key features of RightChoiceDSS Standard:
  • Analysis:
    Activate/Deactivate Alternatives
    Activate/Deactivate Participants
    Consensus Analysis
    Criteria Contributions Graph
    Criteria Results Graph
    Criteria Weight Graph
    Display Weight on Diagram
    Display Weight on

  • Consensus Judgments:
    Participant Weighting at Each Level
    Set Model on Consensus
    Web Project Judgments

  • Import:
    Import Visio 2003+ UML Use Case Models

  • Pairwise Judgments:
    Consistency Hints
    Direct Numeric Judgments
    Literial Judgments

  • Printing/Reporting:
    Generate Full Model Report
    Generate Particpant Judgments Sheets
    Print Diagram
    Supported Objects
    Document Links
    Object Documentation

  • User Interface:
    Auto-Hide Panels
    Balloon Hints
    Diagram Layout Control

RightChoiceDSS Standard screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version:2.1

  • Price: $99.99

  • Size: 122KB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer:

  • OS: WinNT 2000 XP

  • Rating:





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