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Do you have papers, files, computer files, spreadsheets galore, and basically a cluttered mess? Are you looking for some kind of software program to take the headaches of organization away? Are you unsure of how to put your valuable financial information together into one tour file? Are you great at your job, though leave a bit to desire in keeping your tour's finances systematic for others to understand?

Tour Budget Pro is a database software designed and targeted specifically towards the entertainment industry. Whether you're a local, regional, or professional entertainment group - THIS IS FOR YOU!

Any one from amateur to professional can use this program - even if you've never kept track of a tour's finances before.

This is an extremely simple way of organizing a tour's finances while on the road! Simply enter the names of the artist, tour and leg, then the Start and End Dates. It then generates every date for the tour. From there, enter basic info for the Venue (city, state,..), and Income figures. Expenses are divided into Regular and Misc. Regular includes Travel (Fuel, Tolls, Hotel), Salary, Per-Diem, and Buyouts. Misc. are Supplies (Tape, Strings), Transportation (Taxi, Flights), Medical, and Misc. Each expense has its own file tab for easier viewing, with a total amount for each tab.

When you buy this (at $4.95), then purchase the full version, you'll receive a $10.00 Discount!
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Key features of Tour Merchandise Inventory Demo:

  •  Loaded with Help comments and tips

  •  Error-free calculations

  •  Printable tour schedule

  •  Email or Print Dates (by the Day or Whole Tour)

  •  Printable Tour Report (you can even select date ranges to generate reports).

  •  Displays daily totals for all groups and calculates report totals for all dates in the found set.

  •  Search tour reports by Artist, Tour Name, Date (specific or ranges), or City. Great for generating tour reports by the week!

  •  Multiple Secured Users (each user can only view their tours)

  •  Users Guide comes in a separate PDF file, as well as inside the program itself.

Tour Merchandise Inventory Demo screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 1.2

  • Price: $4.95

  • Size: -MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Tour Software Solutions

  • OS: Windows -

  • Rating:





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