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Monthly Financial Ratio Templates - for Excel.
Compare two consecutive monthly financial periods with Windex. Calculates all the major financial ratios for comparsion between periods.
Windex supplies ready to use templates to enter financials into income statements, balance sheets and cash flow schedules.
Supplies instant calculation of all major ratios, including operating ratios, financial ratios, liquidity ratios and shareholder return ratios.
Comparison ratios between monthly periods analyze changes between profit ratios, return on assets, return on equity, economic value added, return on invested capital, working capital ratios, cash flow ratios, operating ratios, asset ratios, inventory ratios, payables and receivable ratios, acid test, quick ratio, debt ratios, solvency ratios, DuPont Ratios, Core Ratios.
CURRENCY > You can set the currency to any symbol by opening the Format menu in Excel and selecting Cells from the drop down list, which produces the Format Cells table. Click Currency and then choose the currency you want to work with from the Symbol panel.
The download file is zipped. Locate the file and double click to unzip.
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System Requirements: 

Excel 2000 and above plus a Windows platform

Monthly Financial Ratios Windex (2)-screenshot:


Product Information

  • Version: 1.0

  • Price: $99.95

  • Size: 2.365MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Millennium Software Inc

  • OS: Win95, 98, ME, XP, Windows2000





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