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MP3 Butcher allows cut pieces of MP3 audio files. It gives you possibility to cut or trim any pieces of MPEG audio files with high precision (up to single frame). Cutted pieces can be also connected together into new file. The program is optimized for huge files (even up to 4GB) what specially is useful for processing concerts, vinyls etc.

MP3 Butcher - record mp3 files: If user has installed DIVX codecs or Fraunhofer codec program will able to record directly to mp3 file. This feature has been significantly optiomized to work with slow processors. The program triesconverts to mp3 in real time, when it's impossible (when processor is busy) makes a buffer on hard disk prevents continues recording.

MP3 Butcher - mix MP3: MP3 Butcher for graphical displaying treats fragments of mp3 files as so-called "nodes". Connections between nodes makes an audio mix. In any moment user may reconnect nodes or temporarily exclude them from the mix. At the beginning user must define parameters of the node as: source file (any mp3), start point and stop point (in relation to source file), volume, balans, speed etc. You can play selected nodes with earlier established sequence or start from selected node. So created node
may be clone by copy/paste function. Connection between nodes allows fade in or fade out. The fades option is possible only during playback.

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Key features o f MP3 Butcher:

  • Full support MPEG audio 1 and 2. It reads and saves mp3, mp3PRO, mp2 and mp1 files. These files can be CBR (constans bitrate) or VBR (variable bitrate),
    Almost full support (playback only) for following types of files:

  • Maximum file size 4GB (four gigabytes !)

  • Support for MPEG Audio Tag ID3 Ver. 1.1

  • Microsoft Media Player engine for playback

  • Recording audio via ACM Windows system codecs or freeware Lame encoder

  • Multi soundcard support

System Requirements: 

  • 32 MB RAM,VGA,Sound card

MP3 Butcher screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 1.2

  • Price: $15.95

  • Size: 1.0MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Marcin Grenda

  • OS: Windows

  • Rating:


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