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Music Catalogue Master catalogs CDs and vinyl records into a fully searchable database. It automatically enters CDs and records via an internet connection. It downloads and enters all the available CD, vinyl record and track information into its database - including artist name, title, label, release year - all track titles, artists and times as well as roles/credits, and much more!

For collectors who wish to track multiple copies of the same recording - there is a whole separate area for copy information, like purchase price and current value.

Music Catalogue Master also allows you to track chart information for all CDs, records and tracks - where they entered the chart and where they peaked.
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Key features of Music Catalogue Master:

  • You can create as many user-defined tracking categories as you want, and attach as many of these as you want to any CD, record or track. Query by these categories and print a list of CDs, record or tracks that you have tagged with a category.

  • Has an intuitive interface and many shortcuts to enable you to quickly enter and format information.

  • It is easy to move around and find the information that you want to display and print.

  • It also comes with complete online Help, including tutorials, as well as a downloadable printable manual.

System Requirements: 

  • 1Pentium or equivalent, 128 MB RAM (256 recommended for XP), 30 MB disc space

Music Catalogue Master screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 4.01

  • Price: $22.95

  • Size: 14.8 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: KIX Software Solutions

  • OS: Windows All

  • Rating:


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