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Music filenames are often inconsistent and erroneous. Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional allows you to change filenames based of their tagged information saving you time and effort. Automate the tedious task of changing tagged information in MP3 and WMA files. Easily copy or move music files, create playlists and filelists, and change filenames with this professional-level program.

Make your MP3 and WMA files complete by filling in detailed information such as main tags, original tags, Internet tags, commercial information, lyrics, comments, and Winamp tags. Tagged information can also be filled in automatically by connecting to Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional supports UNICODE symbols in MP3 tags. You can use symbols of your national alphabet in WMA/MP3 tags (diacritic symbols, umlauts, hieroglyphs, etc).

Create 'Action Sets' where you can have multiple actions occur in the order you specify. For example you can copy files from a CD into a specific folder, remove the read-only properties and create a playlist all with the click of a button.

Save hours of manual labor by working in Batch mode, allowing you to edit very large lists of music files!
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Key features of Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional - Home License:

  • Supported more 35 mp3 tags

  • Supported UNICODE symbols in mp3 tags. You can use symbols of your national alphabet in mp3 tags (diacritic symbols, umlauts, hieroglyphs, etc)

  • Supported ID3v1 and ID3v2 mp3 tags

  • Batch tag editing, file renaming and etc

  • Quickly tag editing, file renaming and etc

  • Using Actions and custom Action Sets for processing a large list of mp3 files

  • Generate filenames using the information from tags using templates

  • Generate tags from filenames and folder names using templates

  • Generate CSV, TXT, XML filelists

  • Generate M3U, PLS playlist

  • Copy/Move original and result files

  • Supported multi line comments and lyrics

  • Supported multi languages interface

  • Short visual training course of how work with the program

  • Wizard to help edit mp3 files

  • Automatic log changes of files

  • Manual sorting mode

  • Advanced Drag and Drop functions

  • Support all OS Windows

  • Integration with Winamp 2.x/5.x and a built-in Mp3 player

System Requirements: 

  • IBM PC or compatible

  • Processor Pentium IV 2000 Mhz, 256 Mb memory

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher should be installed

  • Windows Media Player 9 or higher for WMA support

Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional - Home License screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 2.85

  • Price: $34.95

  • Size: 3.19 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Assistant Tools

  • OS: Windows All

  • Rating:


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