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This mp3 all-in-one tool lets you edit lyrics, mp3 tags with track number, can export playlists as index files, create playlist in HTML (for web page creation), TXT (possible print) or DBF (possible import to Excel or Access) format, rename file names by informations from ID3 TAGs, has usefull renaming functions (change case, remove incorrect characters etc.). New plug-ins support is included.Convert mp3 to wav (it's free mp3 decoder) and make ready to burn your own audio CD for playing in car, play mp3s with built in Winamp player support.

 If you'd like to share your collection with others, the program can produce complete and printable lists. You can export these reports to a spreadsheet, database or even publish them to the Web. The program also helps you manage the data that's actually inside an MP3 file. You can view technical details, such as bitrate, length, sample rate, stereo mode and VBR status. You can also use the ID3 tag editor with cddb (freedb) support to tag and rename mp3 files in second. Utilize batch functions to edit tags simultaneously as well as to rename files. You can use your custom genres.

MP3 File Editor comes stacked with some great plug-ins. There's a tool to remove tags from MP3 files, and another that will convert your MP3s to the WAVE format. You'll also find a DataMPX for complete mp3 organization.

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Key features of Mp3 File Editor [lifetime] :

  • Plug-ins support

  • Id3v2 editor (build-in) plug-in

  • Tag and rename your mp3 files in second with freedb ( cddb ) (build-in) plug-in

  • Use your custom genres

  • Copy id3v1 to id3v2 plug-in

  • Copy id3v2 to id3v1 plug-in

  • Lyred plug-in (lyrics and karaoke editor)

  • Free MP3 to WAV converter plug-in
    (you can burn your own audio CD from converted WAV files)
    free ID3 TAG Remover plug-in (helps you remove id3 V1.x and V2.x tags from mp3 files at once)

  • Multi ID3 TAG editor (easy and fast)

  • ID3 TAG V1.1 support (track number editor)

  • Get TAG informations from file names and directories

  • Usefull renaming functions (change case, remove incorrect characters etc.)

  • Rename file names by informations from ID3 TAGs

  • It uses the standard .M3U format for playlists

  • Can export playlists as index files

  • Playlists export to .DBF (possible import to Excel or Access)

  • Playlists export to .TXT (useable for printing)

  • Playlists export .HTML (for web page creation)

  • Playlists export to .M3I (ready for DataMPX cataloger)

  • View the MP3 Info, such as bitrate, length, sample rate, stereo mode, VBR status

  • Searching tools

  • Filter songs based on Album, Artist, Title, Genre, Year or Comment

  • Build in mpeg audio layer 3 player

  • Sending mp3's to your existing (default) MP3 player

  • Built in Winamp player support

  • Search entire drives or folders for MP3s in seconds

  • Has drag&drop functionality

  • Detect's id3v2 and lyrics2

  • Multi language support for more than 28 languages

  • Upgrade via Internet

Mp3 File Editor [lifetime] screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: plus 5.11

  • Price: $20

  • Size: 3.72 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: MPX center

  • OS: Windows 95 98 Me NT 2000 XP

  • Rating:


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