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Audio MP3 Editor is a digital audio editor and converter for home studio recording and for people who are just getting started with audio editing. It provides an easy-to-use interface and is designed for the everyday user.

It has audio filters and tools for converting audio files into different formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, VOX, Audio CD Tracks(CDA) and many others.

Its powerful recorder can record from your microphone or streaming audio from internet. 

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Key features of Audio Mp3 Editor  :

  • User-friendly interface

  • Powerful editing features and effects: Audio MP3 Editor provides a lot of audio effects and processes. including: Copy, Cut, Paste, Mix, Amplify Increase/Decrease, Fade in/Out , Normalize, Chorus, Delay, Invert, Reverb, Reverse, Flanger, Expander, Compressor, Phaser, Trim, Vibrato, Resample, Stretch time, Insert Silence, Insert Noise, and more

  • Amazing filters: Band Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Shelf Filter, FFT Filter,FIR Filter, Notch Filter, PeakEQ Filter and more

  • Support for many file formats: Audio mp3 editor supports a wide range of audio formats, such as MP3, WAVE, Windows Media Audio(WMA), Ogg Vorbis, AudioTracks(CDA), Dialogic VOX, and GSM. 

  • Record audio: record audio and save your audio file in any format you like.

  • Markers: Use markers in your audio file to quickly select between different selections

  • Selection tool: Select a part of your audio file precisely.

  • Batch Audio Converter: Convert audio files into different formats. Convert audio formats: MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, VOX, Audio CD Tracks(CDA), AVI, MPEG to MP3, WMA, WAVE, OGG with audio quality adjusting.

 Audio Mp3 Editor  - screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 3.2

  • Price: $39.95

  • Size: 5.5 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Bromind Software

  • OS: Windows  98 Me NT 2000  XP 2003

  • Rating:


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