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The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus is a powerful and versatile multitrack recorder, multitrack editor, multitrack sequencer and mixer allowing users to create professional quality audio productions. Audio loop creation, sequencing and mixing are also fully supported. The multitrack recording capabilities are perfect for producing music and a variety of other audio production needs. In addition to full support of audio loops the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus also includes realtime effects, highly precise editing capabilities, drag and drop technology for sequencing audio snippets, and many other great features.
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Key features of Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus:

  • Realtime multitrack recording and mixing
  • Simultaneous CD quality playback/record
  • Realtime tempo and pitch shifting
  • Razor sharp (1 millisecond) editing
  • Numerous editing tools and effects
  • Built-In realtime audio effects
  • Multiple audio I/O device support
  • Drag-and-drop audio snippets
  • Loop based sequencing
  • Up to 24 separate stereo tracks available
  • View up to eight tracks at once
  • Record up to four tracks simultaneously
  • Built in metronome (click or beat based)
  • Unlimited track bouncing
  • Realtime input/output level monitoring
  • Full support for MP3 and Wave formats
  • Unlimited undo/redo of performed actions

System Requirements: 

  • 800 MHz Processor, 128 MB RAM, Audio Support, 200 MB of free disk space

Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus screenshot:

Product Information

  • Version: 1.2

  • Price: $44.95

  • Size: 5.56 MB

  • License: Shareware

  • Developer: Acoustic Labs

  • OS: Windows NT4.x 2000 XP

  • Rating:

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